• S2 Bar Goat Ranch

    WELCOME TO S2 Bar Goat Ranch.

    We are located at 626 Pershing Loftin Rd., DeRidder, LA 70634

    We have been breeding myotonic goats in Southwest Louisiana since 2010.  Striving to produce quality breeding stock and always making improvements to the herd. Our herd is small, but quality is more important than quantity. A good stocky meat goat with myotonic (fainting) features is what we breed for.

    We have tried other breeds before 2010, but they were too much trouble. If you are looking for goats that will eat brush and won't jump over the top of the barn and tear down your fence, myotonic goats are the easiest goats to keep. My goats get fresh water, pasture, and loose minerals free choice.
    Call or text me at 337-842-6142.

    Leave a message if no answer.

    Thank you,

    John Loftin